Monument Students & Families –

This first week of closure has had our admin team and food service staff working hard on getting our food distribution up and running and by next week will have a better understanding of the food security needs of our families. Today our admin team began to shift our focus to the teacher developed enrichment activities and academic needs looking ahead. We hope next week we will have direction from DESE about next steps for learning. Please continue to be in touch with teachers, counselors and administrators if you have questions.

Next week I will be engaging with teams of teachers in virtual connections via Google Hangouts. My hope is some of our teachers will use this technology to connect with groups of students as well. It will be important to maintain contact, both socially and professionally, though the coming weeks.

From previous emails …

Food Distribution continues

Tomorrow will be our first weekly food bag distribution. This is in addition to the lunch and breakfast provided to students. Food distribution will still take place from 11:30am-12:30 pm at Monument Valley’s front circle, in front of the West Stockbridge Town Hall, behind the Stockbridge Town Hall, in front of the Housie Dome and behind the Great Barrington Fire Department. Please stay in your car and the food will be brought to you. Please email the Food Service Department at or contact Kathy Sullivan – Director at (413)644-2325 or (855)255-8666 and state the pick up location and number of student meals for the next day and if you’d like to be added to the list to receive the weekly food bags. Food bags can also be delivered, so please reach out to the above contact or to me directly if you need this service. Next week, we will no longer provide pick up in West Stockbridge. Please reach out if this poses a hardship.

School Enrichment Resources

Skills and Content Information

We hope you are able to use this work to help structure your days. This work is intended to give you guidance and support in staying current on important skills and content. The activities are aligned to our current curriculum. The work is not for any particular credit and intended to keep students fresh and ready to return to school. Many resources are being shared and we appreciate the support. We are working to organize information that can be available on our district and school websites. Much gratitude to our teachers for putting enrichment work together and for staying connected with our students and families in this difficult time.

Please reach out if you have a need or a question. I am happy to help and support –

Kristi Farina
Monument Mountain Regional High School
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(413) 528-3346