June 7, 2020


Start Time: 1:15-1:45

Start Location:  Monument Mountain Regional High School

End Location: Intersection Main Street and Bridge Street, Great Barrington

  • Turn right out of the MMRHS driveway onto Route 7 northbound  
  • Turn right onto Maple Street, Stockbridge and proceed to the Elm Street stop sign 
  • Turn left onto Main Street Stockbridge, 
  • Continue on Main Street (Route 102) toward West Stockbridge, stay on route 102 until the second driveway of the “new” West Stockbridge Town Hall/Police Station building 
  • Turn left into the second driveway of the Town Hall/Police Station and loop around the driveway
  • Turn right back onto route 102
  • Proceed through town and turn right onto Route 41 southbound, continue on Route 41 until Country Carpets 
  • Turn left onto Main Street going into Housatonic
  • Turn right onto Pleasant Street (right in front of Housy Dome)
  • Continue on Pleasant Street under the overpass and follow Route 183 until it merges with Route 7 across from Dempsey’s Auto Sales  
  • Stay on Route 7 southbound traveling through Main Street Great Barrington.  The end of the parade will be at the intersection of Main Street and Bridge Street in Great Barrington.