The MMRHS outdoor facilities have always been open to the community during the summer months for recreation and exercise. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic the following guidelines must be followed.

Groups/Teams wanting to use MMRHS facilities during the summer must submit their request to athletic/activities director, Karl Zigmand Please include the activity, date and time with your request.

Outdoor Activities:
No more than 25 participants on any surface/playing areas for team/group sports.
Provided that there is adequate space for all participants to maintain at least six feet social distancing, participants do not need to wear facial coverings. Activities will only include non-contact workouts, conditioning and individual skill work and drills.
Face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity.
Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner – no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps.
Participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers.
Spectators must wear facial coverings and maintain six feet of social distance at all times.

Types of approved activities
Captain’s practices – a group of students from a particular team workout on their own without adult supervision. Coaches will send out the new guidelines to all student athletes on their teams.
Non-sport specific workouts, allowed by MIAA, held by a member of the MMRHS coaching staff. For example, wind sprints being supervised by the football coach are OK, but no footballs or running of plays would be allowed.
Outside organizations hosting adult supervised sports. MMRHS coaches may attend as long as the number of players from MMRHS does not exceed 50% of the roster.
Small group individual workouts by our students.
Indoor Activities: MMRHS indoor facilities will continue to remain closed for the duration of the summer.

The public health implications are very serious. Failing to adhere to these recommendations will result in a loss of access to the District’s fields.

Additional guidelines to come for MMRHS indoor/outdoor fall team sports practices/games.

Sources: Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) COVID-19 Guidance Documents. Guidance and directives related to the reopening of outdoor recreational activities in the Commonwealth.